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Activity Addiction

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

All information in this article is for educational purposes only. It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Some people have difficulty slowing down. They are always busy, running around or worrying, and in fact are “whipped by the mind”. This means they are tossed around by their undisciplined and overactive mind, like holding on to the tail of a wild horse or some other wild animal and being pulled to and fro. They may have been diagnosed with adult Attention Deficit Disorder. If this is you, then this article may provide some insights and some help.


Especially in America, being active, “productive” and “doing a lot” is often rewarded. Parents reward children for it, as do their school teachers. Especially on the East Coast of America and in cities, one finds many people who are continuously “on the go”. It is important to realize that this is a conditioned behavior. It is not normal and it is not healthful.

The reason it is harmful is it does not allow the body time to rest and rebuild. Compare this behavior to that of domesticated animals like cats and dogs. They may run fast and furiously, but they can also curl up in the corner and sleep all afternoon, and they do it often. This is the balance that is missing in the lives of activity addicts.


Activity addicts and worriers, which are related, often have a pattern on their hair mineral analysis called Sympathetic Dominance. It is a very important pattern because it interferes with digestion, elimination, the immune response, and more. Please read about this pattern and what it means for your health.


The first thing is to realize you have it. Once you can acknowledge this, the next steps are easier for most people. Take steps throughout the day to slow down, relax, put your feet up, sit rather than stand when eating, talking, phoning, etc. Talk slower, walk slower, eat slower, and even think slower. This takes some practice, but becomes easier with time.

An affirmation that may be helpful is “I am in the right place at the right time”. Another one is “I need do nothing”. This does not mean you will do nothing, but instead it means you are not compelled to do anything. You can choose to relax and do less, for example.


In addition to a sympathetic dominant pattern on a hair analysis, people with activity addiction may be fast oxidizers, have elevated copper, mercury or manganese, and may also have a four highs pattern or a four highs with a double high ratio pattern. This is called the Hard Driver pattern. Some have a calcium shell pattern, meaning they are actually quite withdrawn and perhaps even depressed.

A development program can be most helpful to remove toxic metals that are “driving you” to be the way you are. This is a biochemical cause for the pattern, and it is the case in some people. The program can also help you calm down, sleep and rest more, and renourish the body with dozens of nutrients to slowly rebuild and balance the nervous system.

Near-infrared lamp sauna therapy and coffee enemas are also very helpful for resolving this personality tendency.

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