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Nutritional Balancing

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adrenal burnout, nutritional balancing, copper toxicity, stress
adrenal burnout, nutritional balancing, copper toxicity, stress

When beginning a Nutritional Balancing Program, I was receiving nutrition intravenously due to my serious challenges with digesting anything. To keep things very simple, I was facing more than 40 debilitating physical symptoms including panic attacks, serious blood sugar imbalances, food and chemical sensitivities, the lowest testosterone levels my medical doctor has witnessed, and etc.  I started the program six months ago and my “free testosterone” level was measuring 18.2 with 37.0-147.0 being “normal”. My most recent blood work showed it back up to 70 in that short time! The deepest, most incredible healing is possible if your belief in this program is as strong as mine. 

– Jeremy (24 yrs old)

Nutritional balancing science was developed by Dr. Paul C. Eck and Dr. David L. Watts during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Dr. Eck was a mineral researcher who spent his entire adult life developing the ideas and practical application of this science. After devoting most of his adult life to evaluating major research studies in biochemistry, physiology, pathology, nutrition and psychology, he established The Analytical Research Labs in 1974.

Dr. Eck and Dr. Watts drew upon the work of many innovative doctors and scientists of the twentieth century, including Hans Selye, MD (the stress theory of disease), Melvin Page, DDS (autonomic nervous system balancing), and George Watson, Ph.D. (originated the oxidation types).

Dr. Watts is the Director of Research at Trace Elements, and in this position, he has significantly advanced the science of HTMA for use in therapeutic nutrition. The lab’s ongoing research projects and its state-of-the-art technologies have led to highly precise analytical data.

Analytical Research Labs (ARL) and Trace Elements Inc (TEI) are the only two labs that do not “wash” the hair. Washing the hair has shown the potential to interfere with the accuracy and reproducibility of the results. Therefore, these are the only two labs that I will use for hair testing.

Most people today are depleted for many reasons.

Daily life stresses, both external and internal, as well as environmental toxins contribute to our lack of wellness and undernourishment. Many other nutritional programs are not designed using development science like nutritional balancing. Nutritional balancing does not involve the diagnosis of disease. It does work on balancing your entire system and strengthening it on deep levels. Nutritional balancing encompasses your lifestyle. It provides whole system healing, using hair tissue mineral analysis, supplements, lifestyle, self-care, spirituality, and detoxification.

Human hair tissue mineral analysis became widely available in the 1970s.  The development of computer-controlled spectrometers advanced the accuracy and reliability of testing, and reduced the cost.

Why measure minerals?  Minerals are sometimes called the ‘sparkplugs’ of the body.  They are needed for millions of enzymes as co-factors, facilitators, inhibitors and as part of the enzymes themselves.

adrenal burnout, nutritional balancing, copper toxicity, stress
adrenal burnout, nutritional balancing, copper toxicity, stress

Six months after starting the program I no longer needed reading glasses and I was able to stop taking cholesterol lowering medication. – Linda (69 years old)

Michelle has helped me every stage of the way and has never ignored my requests for more info, clarity or even a phone call when I needed more explanation. I can email or text her and she ALWAYS answers me, no matter how busy she is! She is kind, professional and has become one of my favorite people! She is a wonderful and thorough practitioner!  – Susan (62 years old)

I did a lot of research by interviewing a large handful of coaches here in the US & overseas. Michelle D’Ambra has been our Coach collectively.  I can attest to her professionalism, her many years of being on this program already, her education and knowledge as well as being highly intuitive. None of the other coaches I spoke to have her wealth of knowledge and I felt safe in her hands. She knows what she is doing, how to support you, and how to handle detoxing and retracing AND, the big one, GETS BACK TO YOU WITHIN AN HOUR (usually within a few mins) so you have very strong support!!! – Angela (63 yrs old)

It took many years for you to get to an
unbalanced state. 

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