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Updated: Nov 7, 2023

By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

All information in this article is for educational purposes only. It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.



This is an important article for many reasons. Work is service, work undoes blemishes of the souls, and work can help provide safety, security, friendship, love, humor, excitement and creativity in life.

Definition. We define work as an activity that one does to satisfy the needs of another or others. It is thus different from pastimes, hobbies or avocations.

Payment. Work does not always mean something for which you are paid. For example, being a mother or a father is extremely important work, for which there is often no monetary compensation.

Careers. Careers are simply larger areas of work that one may follow. For example, a career in health care might involve working in a variety of jobs at a variety of locations over the years, all of which are related to the health care industry.



The law of cause and effect states that whatever one thinks, speaks or does brings either reward or punishment, depending on the nature of the action and its effects upon others. This law is really an entire lifestyle or moral imperative, and is critical for everyone to understand.

By working, one undoes past negative thoughts, words and actions. This is imperative for happiness and even for survival, we believe.

The principles of this law apply very much to work in the world. For details, read The Law Of Cause And Effect.


This is another large principle of living, and a most important concept. For details, read A Life Of Service.


Yes, it is definitely work in the world. The reason is that it does not only benefit oneself. Improving your health and growing your energy field benefits everyone around you and everyone everywhere.

This may sound outrageous, but it is not. Those who develop help feed other people who do not eat well and are starving for nutrients. This has to do with a little known principle of correspondence.

Those who choose to develop are much less of a burden on the world’s health care systems. Those who choose to develop broadcast or emanate happy, healthy and uplifting vibrations or energies that can be felt by others, near and far.

In other words, those who choose to develop serve the greater good in many ways. We know that you may not convince others of this truth, but it is true.

If following the program requires accepting government welfare for a time, we think this is a good investment for any government provided the person actually does the healing procedures and uses the money and their time wisely.

Having said all this, we find that, at times, some people function best if they do some other kind of work in the world for just an hour or a few hours a day. The reason is that the other work provides benefits such as learning skills, social interaction, or something else. This is an individual matter.


Human beings must learn a variety of skills in order to be happy and productive. One of these is how to work. People who learn this:

– tend to earn more money.

– are happier.

– use their mind in a very positive way.

– get rid of past imbalances affecting the brain.

The opposite are people who never really learn how to work efficiently and productively. They tend to earn less money, are less happy, and do not undo past imbalances as well. They often go from job to job, or are unemployed and often are bored.


Work is not too difficult if one is careful about one’s attitudes and behavior. Working well means:

– Seek to serve others. Do not seek to satisfy just yourself.

– Do not be lazy. This means that one must push oneself a little, at times, to keep working when the work is boring, tedious, repetitious or otherwise not to your liking.

– Work at a comfortable pace. This takes a little practice. If you work too fast or hard, you will become exhausted, resentful, and may be injured. Working too slowly is less efficient and not as effective.

– Do not work too many hours, but neither should you stop too early. An eight-hour workday is not bad. However, if you are following a complete development program, you will need at least several hours, to do your “spa morning routine” or healing procedures.

– Try to be happy with your work, no matter what it is. This is a most helpful outlook. Your work does not need to be particularly creative or “important”. What matters is to do it as well as you can, with a contented attitude.

– Any honest work is honorable. Cheating people, lying to people or otherwise harming others is not good work, no matter what benefits it may provide.



Many people go overboard and work too much, ignoring other parts of their life. As a result, their health suffers or their family suffers or they are lonely.

Mary Burmeister, one of my mentors, loved to say “We are human beings, not human doings.”

The Bible also expresses the need for balance in that one of the Ten Commandments given to Moses was to observe the Sabbath day. This has to do with work, but also another basic principle of a successful life, which is to always include God in your life, at least one day a week.


We don’t like this word. We believe everyone should continue working every day of your life. This does not mean you must travel to an office or do physical work. You can do volunteer work, perhaps over the telephone or internet, or in other ways.

However, the concept that one works for a number of years and then just sits around the house or watches television and collects money from a company or from a government we find extremely disempowering and unhealthy. It is also usually a tremendous waste of people’s skills and abilities that are needed by society.

It also causes resentment by young people today who are forced to pay to support older people who often could work in some way, but instead are told to just sit around and collect disability checks or old-age pensions.

The older people should be mentoring the young. In fact, mentoring is wonderful work that may just involve reading and responding to emails or telephone calls.

Retirement also tends to age a person and shorten life. Our souls want to learn and mature. Work is an important way they do this. Stopping all work often leads to an early death, in part for this reason.


We do not like these labels because, to a degree, we are all somewhat ill and somewhat disabled. We believe these labels are overused, in large part by government welfare agencies and others that secretly want people sick and dependent upon them.

If one cannot do standard work due to an injury or illness, one’s healing program becomes one’s work. (see the section above about Development And Work.)

In addition, some people could learn a skill they can do from their sick bed, and this can be an excellent idea, providing it does not interfere with one’s healing and development program.

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