Taking Your Power Back

What does it mean to take your power back?  For me, it’s when I drop the victim mentality and take personal responsibility.  Anytime that I have been stuck in a victim mindset I’ve been in situations that I felt powerless or lost.  In hair mineral analysis this can show up as a bowl pattern or low sodium to potassium ratio.  It’s hard to look ahead or move forward when much of the thoughts and attitude are in the past or blaming.  There are times that we may be in a situation whether it’s a job or relationship that we don’t see a way out. Hair mineral patterns could influence the attitude or the life situation/attitude can influence the mineral imbalance or pattern.  It’s like what came first, the chicken or the egg?  It really doesn’t matter.  What matters is when we recognize where we are and take responsibility.  Does that mean taking responsibility for being treated unfairly? No, it’s about taking responsibility in choosing to change our attitude,  circumstances, or just changing our perspective..

What some rewards we may be getting from having this mentality?  Perhaps, the attention from others feeling sorry for us.  One may feel bored or unloved if they don’t have a lot of drama going on.  Perhaps also avoiding getting angry and making changes because you are too sad and have a right to complain about it.  We may do this unconsciously. It may also be a learned behavior as a way to survive childhood trauma.  This was much of my teens through my thirties.  

You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength. – Marcus Aurelius

Do you find yourself blaming others for being miserable?  Do you feel like your life is one black cloud incident after another?  Do you feel like people are purposely hurting or targeting you?  Do you find yourself complaining more than looking at or listening to solutions?  Do you feel attacked when someone gives constructive criticism or advice?  When things are going good do you look for something to complain about? Are you unable to accept compliments and tend to put yourself down? Do you get upset when you are not getting attention with your stories?  Is the world bad to you and you seek out sad or tragic stories to complain about? 

Dr. Joe Dispenza has a great book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”.  He talks about how our behaviors, thoughts and emotions over time become our personality.  If complaining and talking about things that have happened to you drags out day after day, eventually it becomes your personality.  Each thought and choice we make propels us into a new future.  Why not start today?


What can one do to create a new life and way of thinking?  I find that journaling is a good way to bring things to the surface to look at. Self reflection can be scary at times.  We may feel shame when looking at these things and fear in the unknown once we take responsibility. In addition to journaling I would recommend Dr. Joe Dispenza’s books and watching some of his videos on Youtube.  If you are feeling really brave, reach out to someone you trust and feel comfortable with to ask them for feedback and support.  Life coaching can also be very helpful too. Let today be the day you take your power back!

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