Reading Energy on Hair Mineral Tests

The thyroid and adrenal glands are our main energy producing glands.  These glands determine a person’s metabolism or oxidation type.  In hair mineral analysis the adrenal gland activity is seen in the sodium/magnesium ratio.  The thyroid activity is seen in the calcium/potassium ratio.

Dr. Paul Eck set the magnesium/sodium ideal ratio at 4.17:1.  Overactive or adrenal hyperactivity is indicated when the ratio is higher than ideal.  On the hair mineral chart, the magnesium level is lower in relation to the sodium.  See Example 1

Example 1:  Overactive adrenal activity – This person has a ratio of 25.17 which is 604% of the ideal. 



Under-active adrenal glands will have higher magnesium level in relation to sodium.  In Example 2 this person, which happens to be me (Michelle), has very low energy production and in the burnout stage.

Example 2: Under-active adrenal activity – This is my last hair mineral results done in December 2018.  I’ve been in extreme burnout for about 5 years now.  My ratio was .33 which is 8% of ideal. 


The first example is a 44-year-old woman with a stressful job and in the peri-menopause stage of life.  I’m a 51-year-old woman in post menopause.  These are two extreme differences and I thought it important to give a little bit of that background so you can see how one may be affected in those stages of life.  Before a woman goes through menopause, she will start experiencing hormone fluctuation in peri-menopause.  The adrenals start to take over and if she is stressed then the adrenals start to pump out a lot of cortisol depleting even more of her sex hormones.  By the time I was starting menopause all my sex hormones were showing post menopause.  That’s because I spent many years in high stress depleting my reserves.  A healthy woman with little stress will have barely to no menopause symptoms.  I have talked to woman who have had no symptoms when they went through the change and the common thing was, they had little stress in their lifetime.

The adrenals are like the fuel of an engine while the thyroid gland is the spark plugs.  The thyroid activity is seen in the calcium/potassium with the ideal ratio being 4.00:1.  Calcium slows the thyroid down while potassium speeds it up.  An overactive or hyper thyroid will have a lower calcium/potassium ratio.  On the hair mineral chart, the potassium level is lower in relation to the calcium.  See Example 3 where I’m using the same client that we used in the overactive adrenals.

Example 3: Overactive thyroid – Her ratio is .89 which is 22% of ideal.


When both the adrenal glands and thyroid are overactive the 4 macro minerals with calcium and magnesium being lower compared to sodium and potassium is fast oxidation.

Now we’ll look at the complete opposite and my chart is best to continue using for this example.  A low thyroid will have a high calcium/potassium ratio with the calcium being higher in comparison to potassium.

Example 4: Under-active thyroid – Ratio of 168.00 which is 4200% of ideal. (Note: I had previously had my first real copper dump and this test showed an aluminum dump. Dumping metals puts a lot of stress on the adrenals and thyroid.  In my case they were already low and in extreme burnout)


You now see calcium and magnesium high in comparison to sodium and potassium.  This is slow oxidation and extreme burnout.

Another thing I would like to point out and that is blood work does not reveal these things in most cases.  For instance, my thyroid blood work is all in normal range, yet my thyroid is very under-active.  I personally find hair mineral analysis to be superior and something we should all be doing.  I’m pretty sure based on how I was feeling and what I was doing at 44 my chart would have been very similar to the women’s I used in fast oxidation with the overactive adrenals and thyroid.  I was working out a lot, 30 lbs lighter, working two jobs, taking certification courses and traveling.  Now I’m working part-time and not able to do much physical activity.  Now I educate people, so hopefully they don’t experience what I have going into extreme burnout.

Now I’m going to show you a macro mineral chart that is in mixed oxidation so you can see where either adrenal glands can be under-active with overactive thyroid or the opposite.

Example 5: Adrenals are overactive, and thyroid is under-active.  Client is in mixed oxidation.


The fast oxidizer may appear to have a lot more energy, but they are tired too and not ready to face it.  They may complain about being tired one minute then be signing up to take on more work or something the next minute.  I see a lot of slow oxidizer’s under stress because they miss being in fast oxidation.  Their mineral pattern’s will have higher copper and toxic metals because they are using the stimulation to keep them going.  That is another blog I will do in the future.

Now I keep my schedule light working with 3 or 4 new clients a month.  I’m also doing about 15 hours of accounting consulting a month.  This allows me to help others, make some money and take care of myself.  Going from 100 to almost ZERO over the past 5 years has been humbling on many levels, but it also helped me find my passion and learn to be in the NOW.  Having been through what I have with my own body chemistry helps me to understand what is going on with my clients and to be more compassionate to their struggles.

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