My Healing Reactions and Testimony

I have been on the development (nutritional balancing) program for over 4 years now.  It has been quite a journey so far.  When I started, I was already doing things to get out of the extreme adrenal burn out that I was in.  My diet had also been mostly healthy for 15 years prior.  My biggest issues have been that I have had weak adrenals for a long time and a type A personality.  Having left a stressful 6-year relationship and going through menopause at the same time my body just collapsed.  The biggest things I have learned while on the development program was that I needed to change how I approached life and more importantly that my value was not in crossing things off my checklist every day.

I remember in my 30’s seeing a doctor friend of mine who was also moving into more holistic care having me swish around a clear liquid in my mouth and asked me if I tasted anything.  I told her no and that it tasted like water.  That fluid was zinc and she said that I was very deficient in it.  I have always been a high stress “burn the candle at both ends” kind of person.  Stress depletes zinc and with copper being antagonist to zinc I was very copper toxic.  Of course, I did not know anything about hair mineral analysis back then, but now I look back and so much of what I had been struggling with all those years makes complete sense now.

 “Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence.” – Ovid

Below are some healing reactions that I have experienced in the last 4 years: 

  • I had eczema on the front of my shins on and off for the first couple years,
  • My blood pressure was extremely low when I started the program at about 90/50 and now in the normal range of 120/70,
  • I lost a lot of hair and it was dry a few years ago. This past year the new growth has been coming in with more oil and not so dry,
  • For a year or so my ankles would swell up and I had to wear compression socks on the plane, but no issues the last two years,
  • Passed a kidney stone a few years ago,
  • Moles have dried up and come off. There was one on my leg that had opened, scabbed, and completely healed up,
  • My armpits had red rashes under them for about 6 months and now gone,
  • My eyesight improved quite a bit that even my doctor was taken back by it,
  • I have felt discomfort in different organs as they were healing,
  • My sex hormones no longer need the kind of support they did when I started,
  • I would wake up every hour sometimes walking around and needing to drink water, but that is no longer an issue, and
  • A few years ago, I would see foam when I urinated but that went away.

A few weeks ago, I burned my arm taking something out of the oven and was quite amazed at how fast it healed.  For years, my wounds would take a long time to heal due to the copper/zinc imbalance. Just this week I woke up with a red rash on the left side of my neck. It did not hurt or itch. Dr. Wilson said it was copper rash and that my program needed updating because I was out of sympathetic dominance.  I have been in sympathetic dominance since my first hair test 4 years ago.  This makes sense since I have been able to handle a lot more without feeling tired or overwhelmed. 


I wanted to share this for people to understand that this is not an overnight thing and depending on the condition of your body to begin with, it may take some time to replenish your energy and heal. Not only has my commitment to the program been instrumental in healing but also learning things like setting boundaries and pacing myself.  This year had a lot of challenges, but by using the tools and self-care I learned it helped me stay grounded.

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