Life Coach?

Many people are unsure what a life coach is and

what they do.

What life coaching

is not

First, I’m going to explain that Life coaching is not therapy or counseling. Therapy or counseling is with a licensed professional that focuses on the past and the “why’s”. They help you “fix” problems and mental health issues. Life coaching is also not consulting where a consultant would provide expert advice.  Life coaching is not the same as talking to your friend, although you may feel comfortable with your coach as if they are a friend, however; a coach is impartial and tells you the truth.

What life coaching is

Although many times the past or challenging emotions come up during the coaching process, a life coach is a trained professional that will help you move quickly from the “past” and back into the “now”.  Coaching is for those in forward movement.  A life coach is not there to give you advice or tell you what to do.  A life coach provides a non-judgmental and safe space for you and your agenda. Life coaches use active listening and powerful questioning to bring to surface the answers you already know.

As a Life and Wellness Coach I specialize in the following areas:

Stress Management / Relief




Inner Peace


Mid-Life Crisis / Menopause




Personal Development


Nutrition (According to nutritional balancing science and hair mineral analysis)


*I’m not taking any new life coaching clients at this time. Only consultation support/coaching with current nutritional balancing clients.  See My Shop.*

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