Life at the Beach

It is hard to believe that it has already been 2 months since moving to Sarasota, FL.  We found a lovely beach cottage rental a block from the beach, on the north end of Siesta Key island.  I am no stranger to Florida having previously lived in Tampa from 2004 to 2008.  Sarasota is much smaller and slower paced which is something very welcoming at this point in my life.  

My first night walking down the street to watch the sunset, I remembered that 10 years ago, while visiting Maui, I had thought how wonderful it would be to be able to live at the beach and work from home.  That is how easy it is to set an intention.

Having lived in southern California for many years, I always loved going to the beach.  There is something magical that happens to me when listening to the waves crash and having sand between my toes.  My mood is always better when the sun is out. Getting daytime exposure to sunlight will increase melatonin during the night helping you to fall asleep better.  You also get a good boost of vitamin D when out in the sun.  We all know how important vitamin D is for the immune system and vitamin D makes calcium absorption possible.  Not only healthy but this wonderful combo can be meditative and stress relieving. 

Our yard picture below is full of beautiful lush tropical greenery.  It’s like living in Maui with less trade winds and a bit more humidity, but I’ll take it! 

“My heart is tuned to the quietness that the stillness of nature inspires.” – Inayat Khan

I am so grateful and happy to be living a life that I no longer feel the need to vacation from.  A good part of my work time is scheduled but I also have a lot of flexible time that I can fit in walks, time at the beach, and being social.  The 3 years living in Arizona was about healing and growing my business.  I did not have much time nor energy to make friendships or be social.  My soul let me know that it was time to start a new chapter and leave that one behind. 

The greatest lesson in looking back is that wherever we are is where we need to be at that point in time.  It is not always clear why we are where we are, how long we will be there or what will be next, but what is certain is that it’s temporary.  Little did I know that my life was going to take me on many adventures and lead me to where I am supposed to be, at least for now!


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