Helpful Tips for Better Digestion

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”), springtime is when the liver and gallbladder are detoxifying.  It’s also a time of renewal. Think about how the flowers and trees come alive during the Spring. If your liver and gallbladder are not optimum,  then you will struggle more during this time. Winter was the time to rest and restore to help prepare for the spring awakening and elimination. If you are were running around during the holidays doing too much and not eating properly, then spring will be challenging as these organs work to eliminate.

I am convinced digestion is the great secret of life ~ Sydney Smith

Some things to help with digestion are:

Spinal twists – These help stimulate the organs in the mid section.  Make them part of your morning routine before you get out of bed.

Take a digestive aid with meals – We use GB-3 on the nutritional balancing program.  This is a powerful digestive aid with ox bile, pancreatin, and black radish.  You can take 1 per meal slowly increasing up to 3 per meal, based on bowel tolerance.

Let go of anger and resentments – Each organ has different emotions related to it.  The liver and gallbladder is anger. Releasing these emotions and replacing with love and forgiveness will help heal them.

Consume cooked vegetables at every meal – Raw vegetables are hard on digestion, hard to absorb the nutrients unless your body is functioning well, and very yin. Most people that are fatigued and not well are in a yin state. Cooking vegetables makes them more yang and will help bring more balance to the body.

Proper food combining –  Don’t mix protein and starches together.  Veggies can go with protein OR starches. Fruit should be eaten alone and first due to it digesting quicker and if you eat after other foods then it will ferment behind them.  We don’t eat fruit on the nutritional balancing program, so that is for those not on the program. Fats are fine with anything but fruit. No drinking water or other beverages while eating unless you need to for medications or supplements.  Even then just do a small amount and not in the middle of the meal, but at the end.

When practicing the above we allow the organs to eliminate with little effort.  I’ve experienced how easily this has become this season since I have been doing the above mentioned.

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