Finding Peace During Chaos

The last few months have been nothing short of ordinary to say the least!  Think about anytime you have experienced life changing moments.  Didn’t it come on the coattails of the hardest times in your life?  I know it has for me.  When the world started shutting down and people forced to say home, I knew, and hoped most of humanity was about to experience an awakening.  We spend much of our time being busy to avoid uncomfortable feelings and regrets.  Scheduling multiple things in a day and going on auto pilot.  My wish is that people will have more silent time away from the “busy” to sit and feel emotions. To connect with their inner selves. The most recent events are not shocking to me at all.  During an awakening process we are faced with emotions we have stuffed and avoided.  In order to heal, the darkness needs to come up into the light.  We are experiencing this collectively. 

So how do we remain peaceful and grounded when it seems like the world is falling apart?

One of the most helpful practices I do is to start asking myself if what I am feeling is mine or something else? Where is this feeling or emotion coming from?  In my experience when I am angry or frustrated with something or someone else if I am being honest with myself it’s not about it or them.  It is often old emotions and built in preprogrammed and familiar reactions. Once I deal with what is truly bothering me, I can look at the thing or person more objectively.  Having a healthy balance of heart and reasoning truly helps to remain grounded and more at peace so I can receive information and situations without an emotional response.

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow” – Helen Keller

How does one cultivate these skills you might ask? For me it is a combination of being “aware” and conscious about how my physical body is reacting to emotions or thoughts in my brain. Many wonderful doctors, healers and neuroscience experts talk about the body being controlled by the mind.  I know my thoughts have power, so I consciously work to change any negative thought to a positive one.  This takes practice and is “work”, but it has profound effects on my overall state.

As my husband and I embark on a move to Florida, I am using my tools to accomplish the many tasks associated with this move. Every morning I find time for stillness to organize my thoughts and prepare to do lists for the day. I am thankful to have the opportunity to make this change and am looking forward to being near the ocean once again. I am staying positive and having a sense of humor through it all. As you know, one cannot live a positive life when taking in all kinds of negativity.  We all need to remember this. More practical things to practice would be to limit watching, reading, and listening to things that bring out negative emotions. Sadly, our world has many people suffering, angry, confused and struggling now. Seeing that on 24-hour news cycles can create terrible emotional responses. Many of my friends say they see it with their older parents who let the news become their experience.   It is quite alright to care and want to know what is going on however we should limit the amount of time spent engaging in. This is a good lesson for all negative or heavy people, energy, or situations in your life, stay clear.

I wish you positive thoughts, peace around you and the strength to remain calm. Please reach out for support if needed. I am here for you.

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