Ego vs Higher Self

On the path to awakening and coming into who we truly are, people will experience a sort of death to the ego.  You may have heard the term “dark knight of the soul.” The ego is about survival, self-image, gratification, the pursuit of material things, and a being special.  It likes to be in control and will try to protect the “you” that it believes to be. There are good aspects to the ego because it does protect and will come out when feeling injustice or not being treated well.  

Some people think “ego” is just someone that is boastful and thinks they are great.  These types may show it more outwardly, but if you look at the list, you can see that these things are in all of us.  A person can be quiet and low key in their appearance to others, but still be inwardly consumed with themselves.

I fed my ego, but not my soul. – Yakov Smirnoff

Unfortunately, if one gives the ego too much control, it could also destroy us and our relationships, especially with some of the lower vibrational emotions listed below. Nutritional balancing will help balance the body chemistry and help us to let go of traumas where much of the ego thoughts and emotions are coming from.  The process of healing and letting go clears the way to hear the higher self speaking to us. The ego will still come up to try and protect. No need to be upset as it is a part of you.  Feel free to give your ego a nickname and poke some fun at it when it rears its ugly head!

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