Detoxification With Nutritional Balancing Science

By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

All information in this article is for educational purposes only.
It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.

One of the key advantages of nutritional balancing is its ability to safely, comfortably, inexpensively and often quite easily eliminate most, if not all, toxic metals, toxic chemicals, radioactive particles and biological toxins.

In addition, mental and emotional toxins, and psychological traumas of many kinds, are slowly brought up to the surface of the mind for processing and elimination as well. 

Methods used.  Nutritional balancing makes use of about 15 methods in a coordinated way to detoxify the body.  These include: 

  1. Reduce toxic exposures.This is done via a healthful diet, proper drinking water and a healthful lifestyle.
  1. Increase adaptive energy.This comes from balancing the oxidation rate and the major mineral levels and ratios.  It makes far more energy available for detoxification and healing.  It is a key difference between nutritional balancing and most other approaches to detoxification.
  1. Increase rest and sleep.This is critical for maximum detoxification.
  1. Remove the need for physical and emotional compensations.Many toxins act as compensatory mechanisms.  For example, cadmium raises the sodium level.  Also, the “three amigos” (iron, manganese and aluminum, all in biounavailable form) appear to boost adrenal and perhaps thyroid activity in slow oxidizers. 

Removing the need for these compensations and adaptations is what appears to allow these toxic minerals and compounds to be removed so easily and quickly.  Otherwise, they are very difficult to remove from the body.

Removing the need for adaptations also helps prevent them from re-accumulating, which can happen with other methods.

  1. Balance the qualities of yin and yang.Balancing these subtle qualities strengthens the body and increases the available adaptive energy.  This is discussed later in this article.
  1. Balance the autonomic nervous system.Detoxification is primarily a parasympathetic activity.  It requires organs that are stimulated by parasympathetic nervous system activity such as the liver, kidneys, and intestines.  Any therapy that promotes parasympathetic activity or inhibits sympathetic activity will assist detoxification greatly.  Methods used with every nutritional balancing program are:
    1. A healthful diet free of stimulants.
    2. Supplemental calcium, magnesium, and zinc to help relax the sympathetic nervous system.
    3. Extreme care to avoid supplements, herbs and other substances that stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, or that unbalance the body, increasing tension in the body.Sauna therapy, especially when done upon awakening in the morning or just before bedtime.
    4. Enemas and colonic irrigation.
    5. The Pushing Down Mental Exercise.
    6. Foot reflexology. This simple technique is very relaxing.
    7. The Spinal Twist. This procedure will reduce tension and misalignments of the spine.  This is also very relaxing for the nervous system.
    8. Removing toxic material from the body that irritates the central nervous system is very helpful.  For example, iron, manganese, aluminum, copper and other metals, when in oxide forms, act as irritants that help keep the body in a sympathetic state.
  1. Reduce harmful stress of all kinds.Stress interferes with detoxification for several reasons:
    1. The body must use up a lot of energy adapting to stress
    2. stress of any kind activates the sympathetic nervous system, which impairs detoxification.
    3. stress depletes many vital nutrients such as zinc and magnesium needed for detoxification
    4. stress weakens the body greatly, making detoxification much more difficult.
  1. Replace less preferred minerals with more preferred minerals.This is both a cause and an effect of detoxification.  In order for detoxification to proceed rapidly and safely, one must replace the less preferred or toxic minerals in millions of enzymes with more preferred vital elements such as selenium, chromium, zinc, magnesium and others.
  1. Support the eliminative organs.Nutritional balancing makes use of at least a dozen methods to improve the activity of the eliminative organs.  These range from improving the diet, drinking the right water and resting more, to colon cleansing, saunas and other detoxification procedures.
  1. Increase the body temperature to help normalize enzyme activity.Many adults have a low body temperature due to fatigue, illness or decreased thyroid or adrenal activity.  Increasing the oxidation rate and regular use of a near infrared heat lamp sauna helps normalize this.
  1. Deep cleansing of the liver and large intestine with coffee enemas.
  1. The use of antagonists.These are specific nutrients or compounds that oppose or compete with toxic substances.  They antagonize in various ways:
    1. Some compete with toxic metals for absorption.
    2. Some antagonists replace the less preferred minerals in enzyme binding sites.
    3. Some, such as zinc, safely escort toxic metals out of the body, or in other ways facilitate their removal.
    4. Some replace toxic metals in various tissues, but not enzymes. 
    5. Antibiotics and antitoxins may be considered antagonists for bacteria or other toxins.  For infections, however, nutritional balancing uses safer and often more effective agents such as colloidal silver and bee propolis.
  1. Clearing emotional and mental toxins.Emotional blocks and traumas can reduce detoxification as badly as any other factor.  Methods that can help release them that are part of nutritional balancing programs include reducing the physical toxin level, enhancing overall vitality, improving memory and cognition, and what I call personality integration.
  1. The right type and amount of drinking water.This is vital to hydrate the body, and provide nutrient minerals, as well.  Pure water also helps reduce a person’s intake of toxic chemicals and metals.

Rarely, we use distilled water for a few days to assist detoxification.  Distilled water is often called “hungry water”.  It contains very few minerals.  As a result, it holds and helps remove from the body many minerals and other toxic substances.  It is not for long-term use, however, as it will remove many vital minerals, not just toxic ones.

  1. Uncovering layers of toxins.Many toxins are buried deeply within body organs.  Nutritional balancing slowly brings up the layers to be uncovered over a period of several years or more.  I know of no other method that can uncover and remove these deeper layers of toxicity.

The allopathic concept of identifying a single toxic metal as the cause for a symptom is only partially effective, in my experience.  In fact, everyone has most toxic metals in their bodies.  In addition, they are layered and often the deeper deposits will not be revealed on any tests, even hair tests, until they begin to be uncovered.

  1. Eliminate many chronic infections.Infections produce powerful toxins and they use up the body’s vitality in fighting them.  Eliminating infections thus frees up a lot of adaptive energy for detoxification.  Methods used to eliminate them include:
    1. Heating the body with saunas or hot baths. Many infectious organisms are sensitive to heat.
    2. Balancing the body chemistry to enhance adaptive energy.
    3. Removing toxic metals and replenishing missing vital nutrients. 
    4. Coffee enemas are very helpful to get rid of some infections.
    5. Improving the sodium/potassium ratio, in particular, along with other mineral imbalances.
    6. Improving circulation, oxygenation and hydration.
    7. Healing emotional traumas and other issues that weaken the immune response.
    8. At times, using specific anti-microbial agents such as colloidal silver, bee propolis, vitamin A, or rarely others.
  1. Parasite cleansing. Some people have intestinal parasites that can produce toxic substances in the intestines.  They also interfere with proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.  These are all slowly eliminated on a nutritional balancing program.  Methods used to eliminate them with nutritional balancing are:
    1. Ox bile and pancreatic enzymes in the digestive aid we use weaken and even digest many parasites.
    2. Daily use of a near infrared lamp sauna enhances circulation and raises the body temperature.  This weakens some parasites.
    3. Coffee enemas can dislodge many parasites.
    4. Increasing the vitality of the body by balancing the oxidation rate and replenishing many minerals and vitamins helps greatly to make the body less hospitable to all parasitic organisms.
  1. Other therapies when needed.Nutritional balancing is not intended as a complete healing system, and I do not know of any such system.  All healing arts have their place.  Methods such as bodywork, chiropractic, and biofeedback may all assist detoxification, at times.

Rarely, a person may require a medical drug for sleep or for something else until the body can heal enough that it is not needed.  However, the toxicity of drugs, surgery and other medical methods make them unsuitable for a healing method that emphasizes detoxification.  The only except is if all of the more natural and less toxic methods have been exhausted and are not sufficient.


Some doctors and health authorities recommend many other methods of detoxification.  These include fasting, special diets, baths, clay packs, herbs, and others.

A separate article on this site discusses many methods of detoxification.  It is divided into methods we like, methods that are okay but not as good, and methods to avoid.  The article is Detoxification Protocols.

Source and full article: Dr. L. Wilson – DETOXIFICATION