Boosting Your Immune System

It’s that time of year when we find ourselves or someone we know with a cold or the flu.  My husband has been sick the past month and then I got sick recently.  The last time I was dealing with this kind of sinus thing was 7 years ago.  This week I’ve been resting and taking high dose vitamin A, bee propolis and Endo A&C.  I’m also doing the neti pot every morning. In addition to the salt, I also add a few droplets of goldenseal tincture to the solution. Goldenseal has powerful antibacterial properties.


Here are some helpful natural methods taken from Dr. Wilson’s article Infections.


Here are natural methods for handling infections that I suggest if one is not on a nutritional balancing program.  The more of them you use at once, the better will be the results because they do not interfere with each other, and they enhance each other:


  1. Rest. At the first sign of an infection, rest in bed as much as possible.  If at all possible, do not go to work.  Go to bed by 8-9 PM and not later.

When ill, children should be at home in pajamas, not playing outside or at school.  My father used to climb into bed with a cup of tea and just stay there until his cold or flu passed.  He was rarely sick for long and lived almost to 100.

Loads of rest is common sense when one realizes how serious infections can become.  Even polio and other severe illnesses can be avoided or minimized if one rests at the first sign of a cold, flu or other infection.


  1. Diet.Eat lightly of very simple, nourishing foods such as chicken soup and cooked vegetables (which can be combined). Eat absolutely no sugar, no fruit, no fruit juices, no salads, no soda pop, and no sweets of any kind.  This is a must.

Also, avoid all wheat and all chemicalized “junk” foods.  Do not eat meat more than once daily when sick, and only a 4-5 ounce portion for adults.  Eat more cooked vegetables instead to replenish the alkaline reserve minerals.


Water.  Only drink pure water – not juices, soda, Gatorade or a lot of coffee or tea.  If fever is present, drink extra water.   Fasting on just water for a day or two is okay if you are not at all hungry.  However, do not do this for more than about 2-3 days, as a general rule.


  1. No Exercise.Do not exercise when acutely ill, or even move about any more than necessary.  Movement, and especially exercise, just uses up energy required for healing and will slow your recovery.


  1. A red 250-watt ‘heat lamp’.The rays from this lamp are very healing.  If you have access to this, use it five or six times daily for about 10 minutes each session.

A general application.  Shining it on the thymus gland is simple and often helpful.  Hold it about a foot away from your body so that it does not burn you but is hot.

Where to buy.  These large bulbs can be purchased at hardware stores or online for about $10-18.00 US.  You will also need a socket that can handle a 250-watt bulb.

Spot treatment. Sometimes this helps a lot, though not in all cases.  It works wonders on a sinus infection, for example.  These infections are usually fungal, which is a “cold” infection.

To apply the lamp, first close your eyes.  Aim the heat lamp at the forehead and sinus area for only 5 minutes per hour. 

At times, the heat lamp is also very helpful for ear, throat, chest, abdominal or other infections, as well.  Remember, if you aim the light at your head area, only do so for 5 minutes or so per hour.  It must be a red heat lamp, not a white or clear one. Spot treatment. I do not recommend applying heat to an infected area.  Usually, the area is already hot and inflamed.  Applying a cold compress is usually better. and with a near infrared light sauna, one can direct the heat and infrared to a part of the body for a greater effect.  For example, a very excellent remedy for a sinus infection is to aim the lamps at the forehead and sinus area for only 5 minutes per hour, or at an ear, the throat or other part of the body that is ill.  If you aim the light at your head area, only do so for 5 minutes or so per hour.  For more details, read Single Lamp Therapy on this site.


  1. Sauna therapy.If you have access to a sauna, it can be helpful.  Sauna therapy:


– Raises the body temperature a few degrees, which stimulates the immune response.

– Stimulates circulation.

– Inhibits the sympathetic nervous system, which powerfully enhances the immune response and is very relaxing.

– Disables or even kills some bacteria, viruses and fungi that are heat-sensitive.

– Decongests the internal organs by improving circulation and shunting blood to the periphery of the body.


Do not overdo sauna sessions.  Do not stay in a sauna session longer than about 20 minutes at a time when you have an infection, as this may just exhaust you.  However, several short saunas can be done each day, especially if you feel it is helping.  Always drink plenty of extra carbon-only filtered tap water or spring water when using any sauna or sweating by any method or you may become dehydrated.

Cautions with children. Older children may use saunas or hot baths with great benefit.  Do not place children under age 4 or 5 in a sauna. Young children do not sweat as easily and can dehydrate much faster than adults.

Children must be accompanied by an adult when using a sauna and watched carefully for signs of overheating such as turning red and not sweating.  For details, read Sauna Therapy on this site.


  1. Other methods to induce sweating.If one does not have a sauna, one can still induce sweating with other methods.  Turn up the heat in the house, sit in a tub of very hot water, drink hot tea and wrap the body in lots of blankets.  An electric blanket can be used to induce sweating as well, though we generally do not like the electromagnetic effects of electric blankets.

Inducing a fever, either with a sauna or other methods, will often shorten the time it takes to overcome an acute infection.  Be sure to drink extra water if you are sweating, as you will lose fluids.


  1. Colon Cleansing – Enemas or Colonics. This simple physical healing method is very safe when done properly.  It is an old therapy that has been forgotten in this age of “wonder drugs” (that are not so wonderful).

Enemas used to be done routinely in hospitals.  Many more people would survive infections if this practice were restarted.

Enemas and colonic irrigation greatly assist elimination through the liver and colon. This, in turn, helps unload toxins that are burdening the immune response and other body systems.

Coffee enemas.  One of the best is the coffee enema.  You can do several of these daily during an infection.  They:

– decongest the liver.

– lower fevers.

– clean toxins from the colon.

– balance the entire body through the colonic reflex system.

– can save your life.


  1. Foot or hand reflexology.This is another amazing, yet simple and safe therapy that can be used with any infection.

A general session.  Firmly rub an entire foot including all around the toes, the bottom of the foot, the arch, the sides of the foot, the top of the foot, and the ankle and heel areas.  It should take about 10 minutes.  Any area that is very tender, rub it more.  Then do spot therapy.

Spot therapy.  For this you will need a map of the reflexes on the foot or hand.  These are on the internet at no charge.  Find the reflex area corresponding to where you have your infection.  For example, the head reflexes are on the toes.

Firmly rub the affected area for a minute or two, up to 6 times daily.  That is all that is needed.  Do not overtreat.  This method is very powerful if you find the right spots to rub, which are usually very tender.  For more, read Reflexology on this site.

  1. Deep Breathing.Deep breathing can be amazingly to help fight infections.  It is another ancient therapy that costs nothing, can be done anywhere, and it works very well.  It oxygenates the body, which kills most germs, and acts like a massage for the internal organs.            Practice deep breathing while lying in bed before getting up, for at least half an hour 6 – 10 times daily.  Set an alarm so you remember to do it. 

A simple way to do it is to count as high as you can as you inhale, hold for a few counts, and then exhale to a number of counts as well.  Try to increase the number of counts as you begin to breathe more deeply.  Avoid tight clothes that restrict your inhalation and be sure to relax.  If you get light-headed, stop and relax for a few minutes. 

Other oxygen therapies involve using ozone or a bath with about 2/3 of a cup of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide added to it.


  1. The pushing down exercise.This is another powerful healer that costs nothing, requires no equipment, and can be done anywhere.  Do it for at least 15 minutes per sessions, a number of times daily.  You really cannot overdo it.  To learn about it, read The Pushing Down Exerciseon this website.


  1. Natural remedies.Certain supplements are helpful to help fight infections.  Here are several that may be used together:
  2. Colloidal silver.This is an excellent broad-spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.  It can help stop many infections. 

For most infections, I suggest a low potency product (15-50 parts per million of silver).  A brand that often works well is called Sovereign Silver in the health food store.  The dosage is 2-3 tablespoons per day for an adult for up to a week, provided it is a low potency product.  However, if you decide to use a product that contains more silver (over 50 ppm), take only 1-3 teaspoons or less per day.  I suggest taking it 15 minutes away from all food and drink, before and after.

I much prefer store-bought products over home-made ones for quality control reasons. 

  • Bee propolis, up to 30 drops three times a day for adults for up to 3 weeks, is also excellent.
  • Vitamin A, up to 50,000 iu per day for adults for up to two weeks, is another excellent remedy for some infections.  CAUTION:If possible, do not take extra vitamin A during pregnancy.  It is slightly toxic for the fetus.  The amount of vitamin A in the standard nutritional balancing programs is fine, however.
  • Colostrum.This is the bluish first milk from a woman or an animal.  It is sold in powder or capsule form.  Follow directions on the bottle.
  • Limcomin.  This product is made by Endomet Labs and is very helpful for some infections.  It is a special formula with zinc, copper, manganese, and a little vitamin A and vitamin C, magnesium and vitamin B6.

Copper kills many bacteria, fungi and viruses.  Many people have a copper imbalance, impairing their ability to fight infections.

Zinc is required for the immune system and is very low in many diets.  Vegetarian diets are low in zinc, and zinc is removed from refined foods of all kinds. 

The dosage of Limcomin for adults is usually 2 to 3 tablets three times daily, and children need less.

If you cannot get Limcomin, adults may take about 25 mg of zinc twice daily and always take about 3 mg of copper with it for infections.


  • Garlic.Garlic capsules are excellent for some infections, including to help rid the body of parasites.  Kyolic Original or Endomet are excellent brands.  One can take up 6-9 capsules daily.


  • Many people take Echinacea, golden seal, astragalus or other herbs for infections.  These are good.  I prefer tinctures to tablets for greater potency. 

Some brands are not that potent, and herbs can be a little toxic, so use caution.  For these reasons, I don’t use them much.  If you do the other procedures above, most infections will respond quickly.

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