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Affirmations It can be challenging at times staying positive especially when going through difficult times or overcoming chronic illness.  One of the things that has helped me is writing out positive affirmations and keeping them in places I see often.  For instance,...

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Veggies Prepping

Veggie Prepping Food shopping and preparing veggies and meals, are just like brushing your teeth, showering/bathing, doing daily/weekly chores/task and taking care of loved ones. You just fit it in like all the other important tasks. At least that’s how I look at it....

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Helpful Tips for Better Digestion

Helpful Tips for Better Digestion In Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”), springtime is when the liver and gallbladder are detoxifying.  It’s also a time of renewal. Think about how the flowers and trees come alive during the Spring. If your liver and gallbladder are...

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Vulnerability, Coping Mechanisms, and Courage

Vulnerability, Coping Mechanisms, and Courage Last night I watched Brene Brown’s Netflix special “The Call To Courage”.  Many years ago I listened to her Audible book “The Power of Vulnerability” and realized that although I can be very open, I wasn’t always...

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Reading Energy on Hair Mineral Tests

Reading Energy on Hair Mineral Tests The thyroid and adrenal glands are our main energy producing glands.  These glands determine a person’s metabolism or oxidation type.  In hair mineral analysis the adrenal gland activity is seen in the sodium/magnesium ratio.  The...

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Heart Health

Heart Health In today’s world, we hear a lot about stress, heart disease, and heart attacks.  Neither living in fear nor denial are healthy for our heart. But being aware of risk and what we can do to lower risk allows us to take a better look so that we can flow...

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