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5 Tips for Healthy Living

5 Tips for Healthy Living Most western doctors are not trained in nutrition, supplements or herbs. Therefore, they are not able to address much of the complaints of patients that are on their way to having a disease or condition. Their training is for after the fact. ...

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My Favorite Skin Care

My Favorite Skin Care I have been using Arbonne skin care for the past 19 years.  Prior to using Arbonne, I would wash my face with Dial soap.  In my early thirties I was doing bookkeeping for a doctor friend of mine that also did microdermabrasions.  One night she...

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Healthy Boundaries

Healthy Boundaries A friend is calling needing help with something. Your boss has asked you to work late. The kids want you to take them somewhere. Your partner wants you to go to a fun, but late-night event.  Creating healthy boundaries can be difficult, especially...

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Ego vs Higher Self

Ego vs Higher Self On the path to awakening and coming into who we truly are, people will experience a sort of death to the ego.  You may have heard the term “dark knight of the soul.” The ego is about survival, self-image, gratification, the pursuit of material...

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Delicious Sardines

Delicious Sardines! Well, I never thought I would be writing an article on how delicious sardines are!  Dr. Wilson says sardines are an excellent food and recommends them on the nutritional balancing diet.  No other fish is recommended. Since sardines are a small fish...

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Affirmations At time, it can be challenging to stay positive.  Especially, when going through difficult times, overcoming chronic illness, and sometimes when retracing trauma.  One of the things that helps me is to write out positive affirmations and keep them in...

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