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Heart Health

Heart Health In today’s world, we hear a lot about stress, heart disease, and heart attacks.  Neither living in fear nor denial are healthy for our heart. But being aware of risk and what we can do to lower risk allows us to take a better look so that we can flow...

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Podcast I will post the links to new podcasts here.  You can also go over to my podcast channel at Introduction: Transformational Life Coaching with Michelle Detox Your Toxic Relationships Goodbye 2018 and Hello to 2019 Living in...

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Life Coaching Tools

Life Coaching Tools Every month in my newsletter I will be introducing a new life coaching tool.  The PDF will be added to this blog when I send out the newsletter. Please sign up on the side bar if you would like be receive a copy of my newsletter alerting you to...

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The Story Behind My Passion for Nutrition

The Story Behind My Passion for Nutrition My desire to take better care of myself started 17 years ago when I was helping care for my grandmother who had congestive heart failure and onset diabetes.  She took her last breath just 4 days before her 77th birthday,...

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Burnout: The Journey Within

Burnout: The Journey Within Life can be quite a distraction.  We fill up our schedules with work, family, friends, goals, food, alcohol and entertainment.  Even when what one would think of as stillness there may be music playing, looking at our phone, reading...

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Start Saying “NO” to Reclaim Your Power

Start Saying “NO” to Reclaim Your Power I’ve always had a hard time saying “No”.  I would take on too much then grow resentful when I had to follow through and didn’t have the time, energy or enthusiasm to do it.  I’ll be honest, I’m still working on this. Shortly...

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